Action at Louvre, Christopher D’Arcangelo

Christopher D’Arcangelo, Action at Louvre [Acção no Louvre], Paris, 1978

Christopher D_Arcangelo, action at the Louvre Museum, Paristhomasgainsborough_conversationinapark

Christopher D’Arcangelo (Governors Island, EUA, 1955 – Nova Iorque, EUA, 1979) artista…

On March 9, 1978 Christopher D’Arcangelo stood in the Louvre. He had just completed a renegade action in the museum, having removed Gainsborough’s 1745 painting Conversation in a Park from the wall and placing it on the floor, directly in front of where it had previously hung. In the now vacant wall space he had taped a Xeroxed note containing a statement on anarchism—“When I state that I am an anarchist, I must also state that I am not an anarchist, to be in keeping with the (…) idea of anarchism”—as well as two questions regarding the displacement that had just been enacted:

When you look at a painting, where do you look at that painting?
What is the difference between a painting on the wall and a painting on the floor?



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